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  :  Railway construction 

  :  Repair-construction work

  :  Electric installation work

  :  Timber construction

  :  Timber pallets


   :  Railway construction

   :  Timber construction

   :  Timber pallets



OÜ Aleksander-Ehitus offers to its clients houses, summer cottages, bath-houses from ecologically clean cylinder timbers.

Natural material, which is notable for high tolerance in every respect, will make you hose comfort and harmonious.

You can order a loghous in different readiness stages: from a timbered frame up to the full housing estate.

The offered delivery system includes: timbered walls, overlapping for floor and ceiling, roof construction, windows and doors.

By request of the client it’s possible to order timbered constructions according to typical or individual project.

The individual projects can be developed with orienting reference and taking into account the national architectural properties.

To the client attention is called a number of typical projects of timbered constructions and also the opportunity to make a project at his discretion.

OÜ Aleksander-Ehitus places timbered constructions in many countries in the world.

We always meet the wishes of clients, fill the orders quickly, in workmanlike manner and surely.