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  :  Railway construction 

  :  Repair-construction work

  :  Electric installation work

  :  Timber construction

  :  Timber pallets


   :  Railway construction

   :  Timber construction

   :  Timber pallets



Construction Ц itТs the business we know.

OÜ Aleksander-Ehitus Ц itТs the team of experienced experts, which deals with construction, repairing and decoration of large, medium and small projects.

Our clients are firms and housing associations, organizations and private homeowners.

We know that besides the quality of construction and repair works we have to suggest to the clients the high quality of services. It is expressed in more flexible and efficient service, which in tern increases the trust to firm and make them our patrons.

The purpose of our firm Ц to suggest to our patrons and future clients:

-  high quality of works;

-  low price level;

      -  services flexibility.  

Taking into account our clients wishes we help to find the most acceptable solutions of buildings and the rooms of industrial and social objects construction and repairing.